In 1982, Nanjo Asahito and  Narita Munehiro organized Psychedelic Speed Freaks.
  They released 1st. album "Psychedelic Speed Freaks"
and rename a band name
   High Rise in 1984 at the same time.
Since then they've ever played many live shows and recording.
High Rise has 2 main persitent heads : Nanjo and Narita,
and it may be decided that a drummer has obliged to repeat many member changes.
However,HighRise will continue the recording and the live show from now on,
  Such a condition has made to suspend many activities.

Nanjo has some bands not only High Rise but also
Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Toho Sara, Ohkami no jikan,..etc.
As for Narita, the Kyoaku no intension , Narita-Gumi, the solo, the session function in various fields.
At present, Narita has many activities' schedules secretly and continuously with Nanjo
for High Rise : each solo work, the new project,  ...etc , in preparation.