Munehiro Narita was born in 1959. He has begun live performance as guitarist since 1979.
  In 1979, participated in free rock group "TOKYO".
In 1980, formed "KYOAKU NO INTENTION  " as Narita's first leader band .
In 1981, participated in "KOUSOKUYA" as drummer.
In 1982, Participated in  "TACO" as drummer and guitarist .
And in this year, participate in the group of  Nanjo Asahito "PSYCHEDELIC SPEED FREAKS" as guitarist.
  Since then, his own performance has ever been continued as a guitarist  of HighRise for 30 years,
and continued even an impromptu unit "KYOAKU NO INTENTION".too.
Recently, he still continues his activities as a solo & session guitarist .
The first solo album was released in May, 2005.

In 2008, started new band 'Green Flames'